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deliriousProphet [DP] began trolling solitaryHeir [SH]

DP: Mr. Whinsel?
DP: I believe it's time.

SH: Are you absolutely sure you do not want to reveal your name?
DP: There's no use revealing something.
DP: That you'll soon see with your own eyes.

SH: As much as I enjoy partaking on your game of endless charades, I must say.
SH: Time is of the essence right now and you hiding yourself behind riddles is an unwise move.
SH: I suggest you speak more clearly, so then I can advise my mates adequately.

DP: Mates?
DP: Why don't you call them 'friends' Mr. Whinsel?

SH: It matters not how I refer to them.
SH: And besides, they are more like acquaintances.
SH: I'm only assisting them on this game because you told me I would be a vital part of it.

DP: And you'll be Mr. Whinsel.
DP: In the game, you'll be far more important than here, with your 'heir' title.

SH: I already told you that doing this goes against my father's approval.
SH: If he finds out about this, the results might be catastrophic.
SH: Not that it matters to you, since they won't affect you.

DP: You are wrong again Mr. Whinsel.
DP: Your existence affects me more than you can imagine.
DP: But this isn't the time to discuss this.
DP: I'll contact you again soon, after you properly entered the game.

deliriousProphet [DP] ceased trolling solitaryHeir [SH]


hystericalFashionista [HF] began pestering learysBotanics [LB]

HF: like, omg, K, are you, like, there?
HF: this is super, mega important!

LB: Nick?
LB: What got your PANTIES in a twist?

HF: my panties are, like, not twisted, in any way, ok?
HF: i'm just so, super excited, that we are all playing, this game
HF: and we'll get to, meet, and stuff, and do things together
HF: look, i'm throwing commas, everywhere
HF: you know, this is a big deal

LB: Geez, Nick, I KNOW.
LB: I'm just as EXCITED as you.
LB: But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, OKAY?

HF: i'm just like, super stoked
HF: that you convinced W
HF: WWWWWW, of all people, in the world
HF: to play it, with us, and meet, and shit

LB: Well, it took SOME persuasion, yes.
LB: But I'm his BESTIE.
LB: And that's what BESTIES are for.

HF: kaaaay!
HF: you need, to like, drop this random caption thing
HF: you have going
HF: i always think, you are throwing, innuendos at me, or being, like, sarcastic

LB: Nick, I don't pick on YOUR indiscriminate use of commas.
LB: Don't pick at my RANDOM capitalizations.

HF: K!
HF: how can you, like, always know, what to say?
HF: I'm always, you know, jelly of you

LB: Ah, Nick, DON'T be.
LB: I bet you'll be AMAZING one day, just like your sister...
LB: Did he/she came to TERMS with that?

HF: i already told you K!
HF: my sis, is totally settled, on being, like, a guy
HF: which is super, extra, mega, cool
HF: so you can call her, ops, him, my, like, brother, from now on

LB: Alright.
LB: I'll be referring to your ADULT figure as a 'he' from now on.
LB: No more CONFUSION on my end.
LB: And that was AWFUL lot of commas back there Nick.

HF: is just that everything, is, like, happening
HF: the prospect, of, meeting you, it makes me
HF: my heart, turns to like, goo
HF: i need to like, set up things, and get this server going
HF: totes talk to you later, right?

LB: I bet you'll be a GREAT server to any of our friends!
LB: And there's no SARCASM hidden i9n that phrase, don't worry.

HF: not worrying, K, darling!
HF: ok, ttyl!

hystericalFashionista [HF] ceased pestering learysBotanics [LB]


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